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Fugitive from hell at US base: a Syrian tells what is really happening in the closed zone (VIDEO)

24.11.2019 — 19:01

For many months now the situation has been dire in Ar-Roukban camp for Syrian refugees near the American base of At-Tanf. The area of this camp which is virtually a concentration camp is located within 55 km of the U.S. military base «security zone» in southern Syria. The camp itself is controlled by pro-American militants, who do not let the refugees out of the camp, using them as milk cows, slaves and human shields.

This far there is a critical humanitarian situation in the camp. The U.S. command at At-Tanf base not only refrains from any actions to improve the situation, but also prevents any attempt to change the situation for the better.

The Americans convince the world that the conditions there are supposedly quite acceptable, but this is far from the truth, as has been stated many times not only in Moscow and Damascus, but also in neutral international human rights organizations. Refugees there do not get enough food and medical care. Water is provided in small quantities which is not sufficient for normal existence.

There is high mortality rates among children and adults in the camp, poisoning and various diseases are rampant, as well as sexual slavery, including against minors. Refugees who attempt to leave the camp are held and returned by the militants.

Former prisoner of that camp who somehow managed to flee that man-made hell told «Russian Spring» what was really going on in Roukban.

— What’s your name and where are you from?

— My name is Abdul Hamid Rashvani, I am 44 years old. From the eastern countryside of Homs.

—  When did you leave the village and why?

—  When the terrorists entered our area, they left in 2017.

—  Which groups attacked your area?

—  Terrorist groups, namely Nusra* and ISIS*.

—  Where did you go?

—  We were forced to flee south. We went to Roukban camp.

—  Tell me about life in Camp Rukban.

—  Life in the camp is very hard. There was no medical assistance for the refugees. There is no work and no humanitarian aid there. There were people who died of hunger and disease. Everyone had to work as a slave to live and feed their children.

—  I heard that some families had left the camp. How did they get out and how were they allowed to leave?

—  Of course, every family that wanted to leave had to pay money.

—  How much money?

—  It depends, each family pays from 300 to 400 thousand liras.

—  Who controlled the camp?

—  Terrorist groups from the Free Syrian Army together with American officers.

—  Why did you leave the camp? And how did you get out?

—  I left the camp because life was hard and very harsh there, a man cannot move as he wishes. Safety has returned to our area in Syria, and the Syrian Arab army has liberated the country, having taken control of our area and expelled the terrorists.

—  How did you get out of the camp?

—  Because we paid money of course, we paid and left the camp. My wife had two golden rings on her fingers.

—  When did you come back to our country? And how did they meet you?

—  Great, our brothers from the Syrian Arab Army on the Syrian border met us. They had buses waiting for us. The army took each family to their area.

— How do you see life now in your area?

—  Praise to Allah life here is good, quiet and safe. The Syrian Arab Army provides safety in our area.

—  Do schools work?

—  Of course they do, children go to school. We have a hospital and medicine. There is even electricity.

—  What do you think about terrorism? Is there a threat to the country?

—  No, there isn’t. Safety has returned to our country. The army controls all districts. And there are no terrorists in our villages.

—  What did you do before the war and now?

—  I owned a patch of land, I used to be a farmer.

—  Thank you.

* terrorist organisations banned in Russian Federation

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