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Capture of new objects: aerial reconnaissance captures large-scale looting of Syria (PHOTO)

24.11.2019 — 18:34

Turkey has once again, in violation of all agreements and obligations under the Sochi Memorandum of Understanding with Russia on the situation in northern Syria, unleashed a new aggression against the Syrian democratic forces.

This time, pro-Turkish terrorists from the Syrian National Army, with the support of Turkish aviation, attacked the Kurdish positions near the key city of Ain Issa. The main importance of the city is that through it passes a strategically important international highway M-4, which is so sought after by Turkey.

However, it should be noted that the important highway is not the only goal of the Turks. There are two elevators in the area of Ain Issa, which Turkish troops have already rushed to occupy. Elevators are so important to the Turkish army because stealing grain from the local population and taking it out of the country has become one of the main activities of the SNA and Turkish armed forces.

The Turks and their fighters seize and remove grain from the controlled areas on a huge scale. According to the latest information available, the Hamzat Battalion and the Sultan Battalion alone have exported 3,800 tonnes of wheat to Al-Aliya, 7,500 tonnes of barley to An-Nasariya and 4,500 tonnes of barley to Alluk.

This time, the Turks not only took all the grain out of the elevator, but also hurried to turn it into a fortress, pulling down a large number of military equipment, which is clearly seen in the photographs from the drone.

It is not necessary to say that such a massive theft of grain from the local population puts the region on the threshold of hunger, aggravating the already difficult humanitarian situation. Much of this is simply due to the banditry of pro-Turkish militants from the Syrian National Army. Many SNA groups are not very different from terrorist organizations and, as a consequence, do not show any particular humanism towards the local population. 

And all this continues to happen with the tacit consent of both Western politicians and Western humanitarian organizations, which immediately after the start of the Turkish operation hastened to leave all parts of Syria.

In the photo from the reconnaissance UAV recorded a General view of the Elevator with the destroyed storage, Turkish tanks, APCS and armored vehicles Kirpi

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