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The UN has realized that it is time to bring members of ISIS to justice

31.07.2019 — 13:54

The UN has realized that it is time to bring members of ISIS to justice.

As long as the members of ISIL are not brought to criminal responsibility, they will pose a serious danger to the whole world. This is the plague of the 21st century, which does not know a pity.

It is indifferent to age and gender, it does not matter color or religion. Since its creation in 1999, members of ISIS* have begun to terrorize the Islamic world and try to thrust the idea of a Caliphate to everyone. Over the past 6 years, this organization began to grow over the continent and disturb the whole civilized world.

On July 29, the head of the UN Investigation Team on Crimes of ISIL claimed to establish an international tribunal to hold members of ISIS accountable and listen to its victims, similar to the Nuremberg Tribunal. It took 20 years for this plague to take over Europe, and the UN representatives have fell into a muse of effective methods.

At the same time, it was repeatedly reported about lobbying the interests of ISIS by the members of the US government. Calls for the creation of such a tribunal appeared earlier, but this initiative was choking to please the political ambitions of «the high and the mighty».

* Forbidden in the Russian terrorist organization.


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