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The Russian military police delivered humanitarian aid to the residents of Beit Sawa in Damascus governorate (PHOTOS)

30.07.2019 — 12:54

The Russian Military Police and the Hostile Parties Reconciliation Centre in the SAR continue to provide assistance to the civilian population in the areas most affected by terrorists in Syria. 

On 28 of July, humanitarian aid was delivered to the village of Beit Sawa in Damascus governorate.

The place for the action was not chosen by chance. The western parts of the southern provinces were heavily affected by terrorist groups, and infrastructure and agriculture are still in decline, as much of it was destroyed by the war. There are a large number of refugees here, and the action was carried out to support the needy in a difficult moment.

In desperate need residents of the city, where the population has almost doubled during the war years at the expense of the people who fled from the eastern parts of the SAR, were given 750 food packages weighing about 3 tons. This included rice, canned milk, flour and sugar.

In the course of humanitarian aid, Russian doctors examined more than 60 people in need of medical assistance, 19 of whom were children.
The head of the administration of the settlement, Hana Khvet, expressed gratitude to the representatives of the Reconciliation Center and the Russian military police.

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