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Crime in Masjaf

23.07.2019 — 22:10

Yesterday afternoon, militants of the terrorist group Jaish Al Nasser opened fire from the Grad jet system at Huayz, Kafer-Yahud, Kornaz, and Masyaf settlements.

Militants said they opened fire on the positions of the Syrian Arab Army, but all this is just an excuse for their actions. The fact remains one militants Jaish Al Nasser did not bombard the position of the Syrian Arab Army, but criminally and perfidiously fired at civilians.

So, according to a local source on Facebook (@ abbad.syriadze), Masiaf hospital was shelled. One projectile exploded near the parking lot at the entrance to the hospital from the D35 highway. As a result, a woman and a minor girl were killed, which her parents brought for treatment. Chapter seven remained alive, as he was in the car at the time of the explosion.

The terrorists do not deny this attack, their appeal is posted on the social network Twitter.

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