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Holiday in Eure-Crease

20.07.2019 — 0:12

On July 18, in the city of Rastan in the province of HOMS, a celebration was held with the participation of residents and officials, dedicated to the liberation of the Northern part of the province from terrorists.

On the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Rastan, participants of the festival gathered in the city square with national flags and photos of President Bashar al-Assad. They sang Patriotic songs and chanted slogans praising the exploits of the Syrian Arab Army in the fight against terrorism. A group of children to the applause of the audience presented a dance program.

Residents of the city decided to hold this holiday in honor of the heroes of the Syrian army, which with firm determination and strong will achieved victory and liberated the region from the militants.

45 thousand people returned to their homes after the liberation of the Northern districts of HOMS province. The rest of the families are planning to return after the reconstruction of the social infrastructure. Local government is doing everything possible to return the city to the look that was before the war, as well as to restore industry. 

In the course of this year, it was opened 150 schools attended by 53 thousand students. 

The Department of agriculture in Rastan, organized the work of 8 offices to provide services to farmers and veterinary care to livestock.

At the moment, preparations are underway to open a service center for citizens of the city, where residents will be provided with all public services.
The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of HOMS Talal al-Barazi, Secretary of the Arab socialist party of the Baath city of HOMS Khuria, and the chief of police of the province, major General Abdel Hakim Warda.

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